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Foil Week 2022

SuMoth Challenge

The team is pleased to be able to present its participation in the SuMoth Challenge, an event associated with Foiling Week 2022. At the foot of Lake Garda, near Malcesine, the Rafale club had the opportunity to present the fruit of its work to international teams. Apart from competition, this event allowed the club to exchange with many personalities and to discover new practices in the field.

The Canadians land


After flawless organization and many hours of flying, the first team finally sets foot on Italian soil. Taking possession of the premises. The second team will arrive two days later.

Discovery of the site


Meeting with the organizers and first discussions with the teams present. Settlement of the last logistical details and open discussions with the participants, all competitions combined. The team also finishes settling in, but unfortunately learns that the boat is encountering some lengths with customs.

Discoveries and discussions


This day was an opportunity for the whole team to discover the boats of the other participants. It was also an opportunity to discuss with the other teams on more technical subjects concerning their production. First brief from the skippers. We learn that the boat will possibly be cleared the next day.

Recovery and preparation of the boat


A lot of road on the program: while the second part of the team landed in Venice, members already present set out to recover the boat in Milan.

Reunion evening and home boat reception. Some of the team members had the honor of putting patience and cohesion to the test around a nocturnal activity: sail decoration.

The boat is landing at the marina!


Cash register opening and organization of the stand. On the program: assembly of the boat. The team was proud to find and unveil its prototype. First launch of the boat and start of the adjustments in the company of our skippers. Tests and repairs on the program!

Official presentation and first race


While part of the team spent the night on necessary repairs and adjustments, our Captain and the communications officer officially presented the Rafale 3 project to the jury and other teams present. Race canceled due to weather conditions, making final adjustments.

Cohesion event organized by Rafale with the aim of contributing to the creation and maintenance of inter-team dynamism. Opportunity to interact with participating students and organizers.

The boat flies, but no race


Emotions on the program: the boat flies with its own wings for the first time! Smiles and tears of joy accompany the team, proud to see their project take off!

Major breakage noted: broken foil. The team mobilized to quickly find a solution. Thanks to the help of WAZPS the parts were repaired within 24 hours.

In fact, the boat could not participate in the event organized for the day.

Inter-competition barbecue organized by Foiling Week.

Relaunch and last race


The foil is repaired and the team motivated. For the first time since the start of the competition, all the teams saw their prototypes set sail together in anticipation of the last race.

A moving start for everyone! The Rafale 3 flew the colors of Canada for a speed test passed with flying colors. But the problems quickly caught up with the team: the foil, weakened, gave way a second time.

Unveiling of the podium and award ceremony


Closing day for the competition. Unveiling of the podium for professional sailors (Foiling week) and student projects (SuMoth challenge). Double podium for the Rafale team: 3rd place in the design category and 3rd place in the navigation category.

Joy and happiness for ÉTS students, proud to have worn the school's colors in the competition.

Repairs and departure for La Rochelle!

04/07/2022 & 05/07/2022

End of competition requires: after a celebration and a well-deserved night's rest, it's time to pack up. The boat is dismantled and put back in its crate. Critical repairs are also assumed by the team, in anticipation of the demonstration at the port of La Rochelle.

Visits, restaurant and well-deserved relaxing evening before the departure of some members for Montreal and the others for La Rochelle.


07/07/2022 + 08/08/2022

Arrival of the team in La Rochelle. Taking possession of the accommodation and welcoming the boat. Installation of the boat on the marina and preparation of the equipment for the days to come.

Rafale thanks INCIDENCE and NEEL for having opened the doors of their premises to the Rafale team. Knowledge sharing and benevolent support accompanied these opportunities.

Sponsorship and outreach event


The boss of Les Enfants du Rock, one of our partners in this adventure, opened the doors of Une Folle Époque to us, a Rochelais restaurant belonging to him. During this event, the Rafale team had the opportunity to present its work to many well-known personalities in their fields. XXXXXX honored us with their presence at the event.

Demonstration at the port of La Rochelle


Last assembly of the prototype for the last demonstration in the port of La Rochelle. Rafale thanks the city of La Rochelle for the opportunity and the visibility offered. Despite a low tide, the abteau took off between the well-known Deux Tours de La Rochelle. As tradition dictates, the boat experienced a final break under the strain, putting an end to navigation.

Last moments and return to Montreal


Storage of the prototype and drop off at the transport provider for return to Montreal. Last moments for the team who take the opportunity to visit the surroundings and celebrate the end of the trip.

Final preparations made, the Rafale team has finally resumed its flight to Montreal.


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